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How do I find out if theres a spell at work on me

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Posted:     Post subject: How do I find out if theres a spell at work on me

I'm curious , how do I find out if someone has put a spell on me ?

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July 17, 2013
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Sorry no one has rfesponded to your question.
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There are some traditional methods to determine if a spell or other working is in place against you.

It is accepted that if all of your plants start dying at the same time, that is very suspicious.

Pets are particularly sensitive to magical and physic energies. Sudden changes in behavior should be noted. Especially running in circles, suddenly starting to growl or back at things that aren't there, running in circles, or any behavior that indicates they are being extra protective extra aggressive, or unusually cowered or spooked.

The key is these may start subtlety,. but will likely escalate rapidly, and if you have more than one pet all will exhibit unusual behaviors at the same time.

A series of odd unexplained events. Especially things moving or falling that have never done that before.

A sense of energy patterns changing suddenly, being spooked, feeling like there is a new energy or presence. The key is they would start suddenly and be several events in rapid succession.

I general felling of malaise, that has no apparent cause and lingers. Or a series of small illnesses or injuries in rapid succession with no obvious explanation.

None of these prove you are under attack, but they should twig your antenna.

The definitive answer comes from divination. If you have skills in divination, Tarot, ruins, tea leaves, scrying or what have you, consult those resources.

If your skills do not include divination consult a friend or a member of your community who does.

After a year the original poster may not see this, but others probably have the same questions.

Some of these come from my own personal experiences, others I have learned from the local community, and some come from books by respected Authors or old wives tails.

Cunningham's "Magical Household" and "Protection & Reversal Magic" by Jason Miller are sources I trust, as well as "Summoning Spirits" by Konstantinos.

I know that other books include at least a few paragraphs about detecting such things I just can't name them all of the top of my head.

This is offered as my experience, knowledge and resources. Follow your instincts and follow whatever sign you trust. I know enough to understand that I don't know all the answers, and neither will I claim that my knowledge and experience are infallible.

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